Los Angeles Personal Chef
When a catering event needs to be absolutely perfect, we can set you up with a Los Angeles personal chef. While all of our meals are prepared fresh, or even on site if possible, some events may need even more flexibility than our already wide menu may offer. For such occasions, we can arrange to have a Los Angeles personal chef on hand to prepare whatever you may need, as you need it.

Hiring a Los Angeles Personal Chef
There are several occasions for which you might need a Los Angeles personal chef. If you are throwing a large party, but are unsure of the dietary restrictions of everyone who may be in attendance, it may be helpful to have a chef in the kitchen, ready to make whatever is needed. Other times, you may want to have a chef or two around if you know you'll have guests arriving too late for the main service.
Alternately, many people hire personal chefs for their day-to-day lives. Busy corporate executives, among others, often don't have the time to prepare healthy and flavorful dinners on their own. Hiring a personal chef can be a great idea for people in these positions, since they can prepare a great meal for you when you need it.
Contemporary Catering has a staff of excellent chefs, many of whom are available both for on-site event cooking, as well as personal in-home food preparation. Hiring a personal chef is a very individual process, as you need to ensure that your chef gets along with your needs and tastes. Give us a call if you are looking to hire a Los Angeles personal chef, and we can start introducing you to the best chefs we have to offer.